6 Symbols & Rituals for Magical Money Manifestation and Prosperity

Looking for some new, simple techniques for manifesting money? Here are six symbols and rituals you can experiment with on your journey to creating more prosperity in your life. 

1. Observe Nature
2. Transmute Sexual Energy
3. Light a Green Candle
4. Use Basil
5. Visualize Your Wealth
6. Laughing Buddha

Observe Nature

Nature is one of the most inspiring places to tap into the energy of prosperity and abundance. From fruit trees, to flowers, to blades of grass, to drops of water in the ocean, nature is a beautiful example of the countless opportunities and infinite abundance that Gaia continues to provide us.

Meditate on the truth that a single seed from a tree holds within it an infinite number of trees. And just like nature, your mind is fertile ground for thousands of money-making ideas that will lead to many more.

You can connect with the elements of nature by taking a warm candlelit bath, filled with herbs, salt, and oils, all of which are contained in our "You Are Wealthy" Bath Soak. 


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Transmute Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is a powerful and creative force, literally and spiritually. Sex magic is a way to transmute this creative energy to manifest money in your life. Whether enjoying a partner or enjoying yourself, as you reach orgasm, meditate on the prosperity you desire and envision a burst of your creative energy rippling out into the Universe.

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Light a Green Candle

Green is the color associated with money and abundance. Lighting a green candle symbolizes your intention to experience more prosperity in your reality. You can keep your candle magic simple or you can dress your green candle with herbs, crystals, and money oil. “You Are Wealthy" Oil is great for candle magic when you need a change in your finances. It contains money drawing herbs like mint and marigold, and every bottle has been charged with hours and hours of money affirmations and sound frequencies that attract prosperity.


Use Basil

Basil is a money drawing herb in many belief systems around the world. In India it is a sacred herb, associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi who is known as the goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. Holy Basil is said to be the plant embodiment of Lakshmi and is often planted around shrines.

The word “basil” comes from the Greek word for "king", a definitive symbol of wealth and royalty. Basil has a robust smell and flavor and the basil plant is known to thrive easily. Carry a basil leaf in your wallet or add dried basil to your spell work to attract wealth into your life.


Visualize Your Wealth

What you think about, you bring about. Commit to a daily practice of visualizing your success. A study from Harvard demonstrated that our brain cannot tell the difference between a visualization and reality. So, each time you picture yourself in your dream car and your dream house, your subconscious mind is experiencing it as if it is really happening in that moment. Preparing your subconscious mind for increased wealth will spiritually magnetize you to the pathways that lead to the fulfillment of your dreams, and will also magnetize the right people to you to help you get there.

Visualize yourself enjoying the rewards of being financially secure. Be careful not to fantasize elaborate scenarios that ultimately create a feeling of lack and disbelief within you. Instead visualize experiences that inspire and excite you, such as imagining your supportive loved one’s reactions to your financial success. Try incorporating inspiring music, money oils, and more to create a sacred space in which to visualize.


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The Energy of the Laughing Buddha

In Buddhism, the jovial “Laughing Buddha” is based on an eccentric Chinese Zen monk who lived more than a millennium ago and has become a major part of Buddhist and Shinto culture. His big protruding stomach and merry smile have given him the nickname the "Laughing Buddha." He has become a deity of happiness and abundance, and his image adorns many temples, businesses, jewelry, and more. If the image of the Laughing Buddha inspires a feeling happiness and abundance within you, add a small golden statue of him to your décor and rub his jolly belly for good luck and prosperity!


  • I love doing rituals like this. It brings peace and calm into my life. Into my mind. It is just confirmation that I am doing all that I can do to add abundance and joy into my life. 🧙♥️😇

    Michele Y.
  • I will try these symbols and rituals. Very interesting

    Mary Harris

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