6 Symbols & Witchy Rituals for Self-Love and Self-Care

Loving yourself ain't easy. There's no sudden light bulb moment that will erase all your insecurities. Loving yourself is a journey and a learning process. Are you looking for some new spiritual ways to build your self esteem and value yourself more? Here are six magical symbols and rituals you can practice so you can "love you some you!"

1. Exfoliate Your Body
2. Open Your Heart Chakra
3. Use Lavender
4. Build an Altar to You
5. Practice Mirror Work
6. Give Yourself Gifts

Exfoliate Your Body

Your skin is the wrapper of the body that houses your infinite soul. In fact, it is the largest organ of the body. Exfoliating not only improves the look and feel of your skin, it represents a shedding of old beliefs and old energy to make way for new energy and new beliefs. Add a gentle exfoliating sugar scrub or an exfoliating cloth to your beauty regimen. Keep in mind your intention for releasing limiting beliefs and increasing self-love as you cleanse and connect with your body.

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Open Your Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the center of compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love for yourself and others. Childhood traumas and a lifetime of rejections can block the heart chakra, leading you unable to forgive others and yourself, unable to move on from past experiences, and unable to connect to the emotions of love and compassion. Healing your heart chakra will transform your energy, allowing you to love and accept your entire self without feeling “conceited” or “arrogant”.
Repeat loving positive affirmations to yourself such as, “There is an infinite supply of love” or “I forgive myself and I forgive others.”

Rubbing a drop of an essential oil or our “You Are Loved” Intention Oil onto the center of your chest (the location of the heart chakra) is also beneficial. Add Rose Quartz, green Aventurine, and other love crystals to your spiritual practices. The heart chakra is associated with the element of air, so enjoying the breeze outside can also increase the flow of energy to your love chakra.

Use Lavender

Lavender has a soothing and romantic smell, as well as healing and pain-relieving properties. Lavender promotes peace and serenity within yourself, so that you can end the war between your disempowering thoughts and your powerful spirit.
Inhale the smell from a bottle of lavender essential oil to clear your mind of harsh criticism. Add some drops of lavender oil to your bath. The “You Are Loved” intention oils and bath soak from Deep Symbolism contain both lavender oil and lavender flower buds.

Add lavender to your tea, sprinkle lavender buds into your spell work, or create a smudge stick with dried lavender stems to cleanse your energy.

Build an Altar to You

You build altars to honor ancestors and deities, but what about building an altar to honor yourself? Think of your altar as your subconscious mind. You need to fill your altar with positive images just as you must fill your subconscious mind with positive beliefs. Include in your altar images of yourself, objects that remind you of your proudest moments, and items that symbolize the places and activities you love. Also include objects that symbolize qualities that you want to develop within yourself. Anoint your favorite candles with love oil and light them on your altar as you speak words of gratitude and empowerment.

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Practice Mirror Work

Gazing into the windows of your soul and complimenting yourself can feel awkward and even painful, because you have been programmed by society to pick apart and reject yourself. Mirror work is an exercise that ultimately replaces your mind’s deeply ingrained negative soundtrack with a positive and nurturing soundtrack.

Look in the mirror and give yourself compliments, assuring words and positive affirmations each day. Over time, you will be able to physically feel your resistance to loving words diminish. “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” is a great self-love affirmation to use for mirror work.

Give Yourself Gifts

Always waiting for someone to give you the things you desire is disempowering. You are creating a belief that your happiness is in someone else’s hands, and that you are deserving of happiness only if someone else deems that you deserve to be happy. Don’t wait on your man or wait for the holidays. Break free of that thought process and open your mind to the many avenues through which love and happiness flows.

You know yourself better than anyone else. Shower yourself with the perfect gifts for you! From good old roses and chocolates, to a healthy meal to show your body some love, give yourself something to smile about. The saying is true: You teach people how to treat you. You will find that once the people around you see the ways in which you celebrate yourself, they will be inspired to add to your happiness and they will know exactly what to do to make you smile.


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