Every Black Woman Can Manifest Real Love. Here's How...

Hardly anyone is teaching black women how to have a healthy relationship. From television, to music, to our own family members, we have been indoctrinated to accept toxicity and struggle love.

Some of our deepest emotional, physical and spiritual needs can be met within a healthy romantic partnership. We are naturally drawn to be in a union, to engage in the divine dance between feminine energy and masculine energy, and to create a space of joy, healing and evolution through partnership. But with the uninspiring and downright frightening examples of relationships available to us, how can black women manifest healthy, joyful love?

My name is Libra Lewin, and after years of dating guys who treated me like an option, guys with baby mama's who wanted to fight me, guys who had every excuse for why they couldn't find time for me, guys who laughed when I said "I love you", guys who would gaslight me, saying their insults were just humor I was being too sensitive about, after all that, I was able to find a diamond in the dust.

After I took a step back to do some healing and to integrate the spiritual lessons that my dating history was trying to teach me, I was able to manifest a man who absolutely adores me, so much so that it makes me uncomfortable sometimes because I am still learning how to trust love, and how to be in a healthy loving relationship where a man genuinely wants to spend time with me, financially supports me, shows me affection daily, compliments me freely, and says I love you frequently. We've had three incredible years together so far and I want more women who look like me, to feel what I get to feel every day. So I’m going to talk about six things you should do if you want to manifest a healthy relationship with the love of your life.


#1: You have to realize that you have been lied to.

The media, men in your community, your family members both male and female, friends, and religious leaders have all lied to you about the dating game. They have lied about what "real" men want, what "good" men will and won't tolerate, what a "good" woman should do for her man, what a woman must look like in order to be fully provided for, and what struggles should be expected in a relationship. The majority of the dating advice given to women actually serves men's best interest, which is having cheap and easy access to women's bodies.

More than likely there are women in your life today who don't want to see you do better than them in relationships, who don't believe you can do better than them, and who are programmed to seek men's approval rather than putting their own happiness first. It's just not possible for these women to give you the best dating advice because they have a scarcity mindset and a low sense of self-worth. You have to evaluate the message and the messenger before you accept information as truth. The reason you haven't been successful in relationships so far is probably because you've been operating on misleading information. Be open to new information and new perspectives, and your success will come.

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#2: Know what you want and need in a relationship.

You can't manifest something if you don't know what it is that you want and need. Do the work to identify your deal breakers and must-haves in a partner. Make sure that you are clear on what love means to you, so that when the right person comes along, there won't be any room for confusion. Just a couple days before I met my love, I wrote some pages in my manifestation journal about the love I wanted to experience; what I wanted it to feel like and what I wanted it to look like. Because I got clear on what I wanted, I wasn't sending mixed messages out into the Universe, and I was able to manifest him with ease.

#3: Stop man-bashing.

Stop saying that all men are trash. If you fully believed that, you wouldn't keep installing, deleting and re-installing that dating app on your phone and you wouldn't be reading this article. Underneath your pain, trauma and disappointment, your higher self is nudging you, reminding you that you can and will find the one. Stop rehearsing the stories of the bad experiences you've had with men and the negative experiences other women have had with men, and instead immerse yourself in the story of your future relationship and the stories of successful relationships. Stop reading men for filth. Start admiring their masculine qualities and abilities and start appreciating how those qualities can improve your life and support the goals you have for yourself.

#4: Know that you are worthy and deserving of love.

You don't have to earn the warmth of the sun, the glow of the moon, the glitter of the stars, or the beauty of the ocean. You don't have to earn manifestations from the Universe. That's because manifestation is not a transaction; it's an exchange. It's an energetic exchange where both sides, you and The Universe, benefit equally, unlike a transaction where one side profits. The Universe will exchange your thought energy with a manifestation. There is nothing else you need to do to deserve the love of a good man. Of course, everyone has room for improvement, both inside and out, but it's important to know that who you uniquely are, in this moment, is the answer to someone's prayers.


#5: Embrace your feminine energy.

Being feminine doesn't mean you have to wear all pink and bat your eyelashes. Embracing your feminine energy means truly understanding the power and the blessing that is your feminine energy. Your feminine energy is transcendent, euphoric, transformative, medicinal, luxurious, life-giving, hypnotic and so much more. It is the most valuable resource of mankind. Many of us have been made fearful of our own femininity because of the unwanted attention and judgement we've received from both men and women.

It's become trendy for black men to belittle black women for not being feminine enough, but the fact is we have dimmed our feminine light as a way to protect ourselves from them. Due to the rough circumstances of our lives, we have hardened our hearts and built a lot of walls around ourselves, but if you want to attract a healthy, masculine energy into your life, you will have to allow yourself to be a feminine flower sometimes. Like a flower, you must open, soften, and allow the right man to be drawn in by the fragrance of your feminine energy.

#6: Know that the Universe will deliver.

You will get who you are asking for. The seed has already been planted. The Universe will bring you what you are asking for, but it's up to you to do your part and water that seed with faith, with intention, with action and with gratitude. Stay open to possibilities, known and unknown. Try new things and explore new spaces so that the Universe has even more opportunities to work its magic. Keep your heart open and your soul ready to receive the partner of your dreams.

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Remember, you have everything you need to succeed at love, within you!


Libra Lewin

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