Four Most Powerful Mindsets for Manifesting Money

More important than the right ingredients, the right words, or the right moon, is the right mindset. Tension, apprehension, worry, and doubts about money are low vibrational emotions that will slow or even undo your efforts.

No need to go to war with every negative thought or feeling. However, it is important to be aware of your thoughts so that you can gently guide them in the direction that serves you.

We are so wrapped up in creating the right money mindset and the perfect environment, that we forget that there is a much easier way to get there: Allowing. How do you allow more prosperity into your life?

You can simply “ride the wave” of emotions during any good moments you experience in your day! When you are feeling good, your heart is open and you are in a natural state of allowing. It’s the perfect moment to allow even more good things into your life, including the money you desire.

Here are four occasions and mindsets that you can use to magnify your money intentions and get results fast.

1. Gratitude
2. Success

3. Luxury
4. Expectation


Be grateful for what you have and even more will be given to you! Receiving an unexpected gift, celebrating a birthday, marveling at nature, cuddling up to a loved one: these are all moments when we feel gratitude. Once you are feeling grateful for what you have, you can shift your focus to feeling grateful for the things that are on their way.

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Keeping this in mind when you are writing in your manifestation journal can be a game changer. For example, as you write a list of everything and everyone you are grateful for, sprinkle in the things that you look forward to being grateful for. Combining these manifestations into one list pulls your dreams of the future into the present, into the now, and that’s the most magical moment of all.


Ride the momentum of your successes into the prosperous life you envision. It doesn’t have to be a financial success and it doesn’t have to be a huge success. Any success you experience that makes you feel excited, accomplished or even just relieved is valuable to your manifestation process.

Right after you experience success, practice your favorite manifestation techniques. You can also recall these moments of success at a later date while you are using your intention oils, enjoying a spiritual bath, meditating, or working with your crystals.  

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “The rich get richer”. This saying is true on both a spiritual level and an economic level. When you are feeling rich, it is easier to attract more riches. So, give yourself a taste of what you believe rich people get to enjoy whenever they want to, as much as they want to. Treating yourself is not just #selfcare. It’s a powerful manifestation technique!

What are some things that give you that “rich” feeling? A luxurious bath, a body butter that makes your skin feel amazing, a decadent piece of chocolate, and a beautiful piece of jewelry are all examples of things you can savor to allow more luxury into your life.



There is little room for doubt when you are in a state of expectation. A telltale sign that your belief is not strong is a lack of expectation. If you think about it, belief is the foundation of all expectations. In order to expect that something can happen for you, you must first believe in yourself and believe in the possibility of the outcome.

When you order something online and it is being shipped to you, it’s not a matter of if you’ll receive the package, but a matter of when. You expect to get a knock on your door and a box left on your doorstep soon. And whether your package gets lost in the mail or delayed, you trust that the seller will make certain that what you ordered is on its way to you. When you “order” something from the Universe, have at least as much faith in the Universe as you have in your favorite Instagram boutique!

Expectation is why many people successfully manifest money when they are up against a deadline. Having a due date for your financial manifestation creates anticipation and excitement. However, for some people, a deadline creates anxiety instead. If this is the case, use another money mindset, such as gratitude. Rule number one is to do what feels right to you.

When you are waiting for a phone call about a dream job by Thursday at 9am, a surprise check in the mail by next Monday, or your first five-figure month in business within 90 days, your visualization is enhanced by your physical awareness of the timeframe.

So, the next time you are writing a petition or speaking affirmations, try adding in an element of time to enhance your level of expectation for manifesting the abundance you desire.

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