How to Manifest "Black Girl Luxury"

It really feels like no one wants black women to have wealth and live a luxurious soft life. There is so much public scrutiny about how independent, hardworking black women spend their money, meanwhile women of other races can pamper themselves and enjoy luxury using someone else's money, with little to no outcry. Why? Because that's considered "normal".

Well I believe it's time we normalize black women living luxuriously and without apology or justification; the same way black men (especially rappers, athletes and entrepreneurs) can spend their money without apology. To make something normal, it has to become a common occurrence. That means we need more black queens really living like queens, and that starts with you.

Hey my name is Libra Lewin, and today I’m going to talk about five things that will help you manifest that black girl luxury lifestyle you deserve. Luxury is relative. Luxury is a feeling. Your luxury lifestyle doesn't have to look like designer handbags, popping bottles in VIP, and plastic surgeries. Don't follow what's trending. Follow what truly delights you, nourishes your feminine energy and makes you feel alive.

One of my personal favorite luxuries is travel. I remember hearing the white kids at my middle school and my high school talk about the fun trips they went on during summer break or winter break, and that made me feel embarrassed and angry. I grew up living in government housing, surviving on food donations. We didn't have the luxury of travelling every holiday. My mom also kept my brothers and I very sheltered, so I couldn't even go on an adventure up the street, let alone to another country. So I've always had a desire in my heart to travel.

When I manifested the incredible man I have in my life today, not only did he bring me the love, and the support, and the home that I wanted, he also brought more luxury into my life. Over the last few years, we've traveled to Marco Island, D.C., Vegas, Arizona, Chicago, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and counting. And at first, getting "flewed out" to these places, felt a little wrong. Even though I'd asked the Universe for it, I felt some imposter syndrome, because it wasn't normalized for me yet. But the more luxury I experienced, the easier it was for me to allow it into my life. That brings me to tip number one of how you can manifest your black girl luxury lifestyle:

#1: Live in the energy of abundance now.

Right now. Today. Where your attention goes, energy flows. If you are constantly giving attention to what isn't making you feel abundant, you are giving more energy to your experience of lack. When you focus on what you don't have, not only do you increase how broke you feel, you extend the amount of time you will spend being broke, because you can't get to point B by ruminating on point A. You have to set your mind on point B and move forward in that direction. Just like when you're driving a car, you look through your windshield at what's ahead of you in order to navigate to your destination, not by constantly looking into the rearview mirror (a.k.a. your past) or by looking around the car and down at your seat (a.k.a. your present).

If you want to manifest more money, I recommend that you find ways to better appreciate what you already have, feel gratitude for the opportunities you have to get the things that you want, and find a way to experience some of the luxury lifestyle you dream of right now. You don't need money to do this. You can visualize, meditate, journal and affirm to feel luxurious now. However, being able to engage your five senses to experience some of your ideal lifestyle is so powerful.

Take a day off from work to practice what it feels like to be retired young. Make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa. Browse the stores you want to purchase from one day. Book a hotel room and explore your town like you are a tourist from another country visiting for the first time. Shop for some groceries in a wealthy area and act as if you live in that neighborhood. Pop a bottle of champagne on a random Tuesday. Do whatever makes you feel high vibrational and luxurious in your current reality. Self care is a great manifestation tool, because feeling luxurious matters.

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#2: Understand that you have decided to put a limit on the amount of money you have.

Not the Universe, nor your family, nor your circumstances. You are the one that has closed your mind and denied your spirit the expansion that it wants. See, most people have a set point when it comes to money. It's like you have a mental thermostat that is set to a certain amount of abundance and financial struggle that is comfortable to you or normal for you. If your internal thermostat was set to five-figures of income per month, you would do whatever it takes to maintain that level because it would feel almost unbearable to exist in a reality where you make less than that per month. You would feel like, "This isn't me at all. This isn't in alignment with who I am. Period."

Even discomfort can become comfortable if you sit in it long enough that you begin to accept it. Acknowledge that you are comfortable where you are financially. You are afraid to lose any friends or family members who could become jealous of you once you reach success. You don't want to become unrelatable to the people in your community. You don't want to be "othered". You don't want to take on the bigger responsibilities that a bigger income will require. Mo' money, mo' problems. You don't believe you have what it takes to make more money.

For those of you who think women that look like you or came from where you came from can't be wealthy, hear this: People might discriminate, but money does not discriminate. There are millionaires who are black, white, educated, uneducated, thin, plus-sized, introverted, extroverted, able-bodied, disabled, you name it, they out here, and they are doing very well for themselves because they understood that the only limit to how much money they could manifest was the limit they created for themselves.

Your income follows your belief. You get what you think you deserve, so it's important that you start believing that you deserve money. Manifesting more money comes from having a growth mindset, providing value to others, and making use of opportunities; three things that are within your control.

#3: More work does not equal more money.

This trips up a lot of people because they say they really want to manifest more money, but their subconscious mind is rejecting that desire because of the amount of hard work you believe making more money will require from you.

Well I'm here to free you of that burden. There is not a direct correlation to how much you toil and how much money you make. The multimillionaire CEO of the cleaning company does not work harder than the women who cleans houses eight hours a day, six days a week, for $8 an hour. It's common knowledge that the money you make is not solely based on effort or time spent. To manifest more money, you have to "work smarter, not harder".

Don't get me wrong, hard work is required to a point, but if you want to go beyond constant hustle, and beyond the ceiling of trading your time for money, you have to understand leverage and investing. If you want to do some research on this, do a search on Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Quadrant. More work does not equal more money. Stop using hard work, struggle and sacrifice as a justification for why you deserve luxury. Expand your awareness so that you can manifest the luxury lifestyle you desire by working less.

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#4: Have a plan for your money.

A lot of people say they want to manifest a million dollars. If you are someone who wants a million dollars I want to ask you, why did you pick that number? Because it sounds good, or does it actually fit your financial plans? Have you actually sat down and calculated how much money your ideal lifestyle would require? The answer may be less than you thought, or it may be more than you think. Either way, having a plan for how you will spend and multiply your money shows you have respect for the energy of abundance. Because money wants to multiply and grow.

Money does not want to be stagnant. If you have money sitting in a traditional savings account right now, it is losing value every single day due to inflation. We use the word "currency" to describe money, because money is like a current. It flows. Have you ever noticed how much water symbolism is used when talking about money? For example, "streams of income", and "banks" like a riverbank. It makes sense, because water is a symbol of abundance. Water is what brings life to everything on Earth and what makes crops grow abundantly. So like a river, like water, money ebbs and flows and it must stay in motion in order to not become stagnant.

Money needs to be in motion in order to hold its value and increase its value. It's important to think about what you will be spending on and investing in to keep that money you want to manifest in circulation, instead of just blowing it all or hoarding it all.

#5: Learn to respect and appreciate money.

I know how hard this can be. Most women of color have a lot of trauma and mixed feelings about money because of our modern day and historical experience with capitalism. However, even if you plan to "escape the plantation" and live off grid, that plan will inevitably require money. Whether you are using bitcoin or physical coin, if you feel like money is the root of all evil you are going to have a rough time manifesting it and a hard time keeping it.

If you want money to be attracted to you instead of repelled by you, you must realize that money is a tool. Money is neutral. How people use the tool of money is a reflection of their character, not a reflection of money. Fix the toxic, judgmental relationship you have with money if you want to see a big change in your finances. Examine what your childhood taught you about money, the destructive behaviors you have funded with your money, the people you pacify or control with your money, and how you avoid reality using money. You may just realize that you are engaging in the same money habits as the "evil rich", just on a smaller scale. Once you clean up your energy in regards to money, you'll be able to respect and appreciate the power money has to positively transform your life and the lives of others.

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Remember, you have everything you need to succeed at manifesting luxury, within you!


Libra Lewin

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