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One city in Japan decreased suicide rates by installing blue lights inside their train stations. When McDonald's wanted to improve their reputation in Europe, they changed the color of their buildings and signs from red to sage green.

Studies have shown that colors can change our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. Are colors powerful enough to influence our behaviors and emotions, and even enhance the speed of manifestations?

If you want to know the deeper meanings of the colors all around you, what your favorite color says about you, and how to use color to magnetize your desires to you, then keep on reading.

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Walking into a room painted red, feels different than walking into a room with all white walls. Why do colors have such an effect on us? Because every color has an energy.

In 1666, scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when white light passes through a prism, it separates into all visible colors, and that each color is made up of a single unique wavelength. The shorter or smaller a wavelength is, the greater the energy within it. Violet has the shortest wavelength, which means it has the highest frequency of all visible colors. Red has the longest wavelength, and therefore the lowest frequency.

Each color has a different energy. A distinct vibration. This knowledge is evident in the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy of the chakras.

Chakras are thought to be spinning wheels of life energy located at seven different points along the spinal column. It’s said that when one of these energy points of the body is blocked, it results in physical, emotional or spiritual ailments. Each chakra has an associating color. And by reading someone’s aura, the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body, the colors seen can reveal the energy flow or energy blockage of the chakras. To repair the balance of your chakra, it is recommended that you fill your life with more of that chakra’s corresponding color. How can you do this?

There are endless ways for you to invite color energy into your life. Through what you wear, eat, use, and think about. Wear sunglasses with lenses in that color, change your phone’s background, drink a smoothie of that color. Visualize the color as a healing light surrounding you, or meditate on an object of that color. Crystals, art work, candles, mantras, even nail polish are great ways to empower yourself with color. Get creative and use the methods that resonate with you.

Is there an energy block in a certain area of your life that’s stopping your desires from manifesting? Are you struggling with low self-esteem, financial struggles, loneliness, health issues, or other negative influences? Knowing which colors activate the energies you want to encourage and increase in your life is a powerful tool to attract the things you’ve been wishing for faster than ever before.

Let’s begin with the color Red.

 R E D

Do you feel fearful or anxious? Looking to increase your confidence? Craving romance?  The color red can strike fear, hunger, or lust. It’s passionate. It evokes excitement, boldness, fieriness and youth. It also represents our life blood.

In Eastern cultures such as that of China and India, it’s traditional for a bride to wear a red dress on her wedding day, because the color represents good luck, honor, success, loyalty, fertility and love.

The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is balanced with the color red. A balanced root chakra creates feelings of safety, trust, survival, grounding, and stability.

Surround yourself with red to awaken the fire within you.

 G R E E N

Green is the color of healthy plants springing from the soil, and the abundance of leaves on a tree. It also represents cold hard cash. It’s the color of money, prosperity, abundance, growth, health, and nature.

It’s also correlated with The Heart chakra; the chakra connected with love, relating, acceptance, hope, compassion, and understanding.


If you desire for your career, business, bank account, luck, health, relationships, or inner self to grow, renew and thrive, incorporate the power of green in your life.

 Y E L L O W 

Lacking motivation? Finding it hard to stay optimistic and see the good in people? Yellow is cheerful and warm. It elicits a sense of optimism, joy, and positivity. The sun is often depicted as bathing us with yellow light. Yellow represents energy and clarity. It’s thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body. 


Yellow corresponds to The Solar Plexus chakra, which is responsible for mental balance, intellect, personal power, and will. If you want to brighten your outlook on life or attract things that will spark joy, use the uplifting and stimulating powers of yellow.

 B L U E 

Blue is the rarest color in the natural world. It is also the most loved color in the world. Countless people claim blue as their favorite color. Blue resonates with the energy of calmness and serenity, much like a clear sky or still waters. The color represents that which is dependable, strong, productive and trustworthy.

The blue Throat Chakra symbolizes self-expression, spiritual truth, integrity, creative expression and communication. So if you wish to express yourself more freely, ward off lies and dishonesty, improve communication, hear you inner voice more clearly, or bring about peace, tap into the power of blue.

 O R A N G E 

Are you afraid to be happy for fear that it could all be taken away? Do you feel undeserving of pleasure and unable to receive it? Feel guilty or ashamed? Want to feel more connected to the people around you? Orange is the color of excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, and friendliness, as well as creativity, passion, connection, pleasure, and intimacy.


Research has found that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect, and stimulates brain activity.

The orange Sacral Chakra is associated with creativity, sexuality, emotions, partnership, exploring life and relationships, and choice.

Use orange to energize the manifestation of your desires in these areas of life.


Purple has long been the color of royalty and power. Many kings of old wore purple robes. In fact, Roman emperors forbid their citizens from wearing the color under penalty of death. Purple was especially venerated in the Byzantine Empire, where rulers wore elegant purple robes and signed their decrees with a purple ink pen.

In ancient times, harvesting purple dye from natural sources was painstaking, so the clothes made from the dye were exorbitantly priced, making it a color only the rich and powerful could afford to wear.    

Purple is the color of royalty, wealth, success, wisdom, creativity, imagination and power. Violet has the shortest wavelength of any color. That means it has a very high frequency. Perhaps that is why spiritual and magical beings such as witches and wizards are often depicted wearing purple.

The Third Eye chakra and Crown Chakra are associated with the color indigo and violet, respectively. The Third Eye chakra (sixth chakra) is the source of intuition, extrasensory perception, and inner wisdom, imagination, thought, and self-awareness. The Crown chakra (seventh chakra) is the seat of consciousness, wisdom, the sacred, limitlessness, realization, liberation, bliss, and our connection to the Divine. It is depicted as a purple lotus with a thousand petals.

If you are experiencing problems such cynicism, lack of concentration, lack of direction, fear of the unknown, lack of intuition, loneliness, feeling unworthy or feeling disconnected or abandoned by a higher power, use the power of purple to heal and improve these areas of your life.

 W H I T E

The color White evokes purity and cleanliness. Heaven is usually depicted with billowing white clouds and holy figures are shown surrounded in gleaming white light and wearing pristine white robes. From bridal gowns to baptisms, the color white is a symbol of purity, renewal, peace, righteousness and innocence.

White light in fact contains all the colors of the visible spectrum. [prism] White, as well as purple, are associated with the Crown chakra, which is associated with wisdom, cosmic consciousness, grace, and Divine source.

If you are seeking a sense of renewal and cleansing, a fresh new start, to bring forth your inner god or goddess, or to connect to your Creator, include the color white in your daily practice.

 B L A C K

Black is the color of mystery, the unknown, shadows and space. It evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication, yet it is also associated with death, sadness, and evil. Black is the color of power, fear, authority, seriousness and rebellion.

Black is widely viewed as the opposite of white. Where white is the presence of all visible light, black on the other hand is the absence of all color.

To the Ancient Egyptians, black symbolized life and rebirth. It was the color of the rich silt left behind by the Nile river after it flooded and receded each year. This silt fertilized the soil and gave them the bountiful harvests they needed to survive. The ancient name for the country of Egypt was “Kemet” which translates to “black land”.

Black represents emptiness and space, but in reality, space may not be empty at all. It is hypothesized that about 25% of the universe is made up of an invisible substance called Dark Matter and about 70% of the universe is made of a mysterious force called Dark Energy. That means all of the stars, planets, galaxies, and things that we can touch and see, only make up less than 5 percent of the total mass of our universe.

If you are seeking to feel powerful, elegant, or intriguing, want to explore the unknown, face your fears, or gain divine wisdom about the nature of birth and death, meditate on and incorporate the color black.

 P I N K

Pink is a mix of red and white. Red is the color of love and white it the color of purity, so pink represents an innocent, unconditional love. Pink is calming, healing, romantic, playful, and feminine. If you want to open your heart, promote self-love, inner healing, loving friendships, and a sense of peace, pink is the color for you.



Brown is a color that is often looked over because it is the color of dirt, dead leaves, dung and decay. But our advancement is not possible without these brown building blocks of life. What is rotten creates fertile ground for immense growth and beauty. From decay springs new life.

The foundation of our homes are cradled by the earth, and that soil is a mix of minerals, rock, decayed plants and animals and living organisms. The structural support of most homes rely on the strength and stability of wood. The color brown represents that which is practical, reliable, sustainable, essential, wholesome, nurturing, solid, grounded, homey, and natural.

Envelop yourself with the color brown to gain a greater sense of stability, humility, simplicity, and oneness with nature.


Craving a little magic, hope, wonder, creativity, and imagination in your day? The rainbow evokes whimsy, playfulness, dreams and mythical experiences.  

A rainbow is an atmospheric phenomenon. It is an optical illusion created by the refraction and internal reflection of light passing through raindrops. Though they appear to be bow shaped, they are a full circle. From our ground level standpoint, we can only observe the arc of the circle that is above the horizon.

Rainbows appear seemingly out of thin air, colorful and ethereal across the horizon, captivating people young and old, and then they fade away without a trace.

In the Christian Bible, the rainbow is a sign of peace and hope after the great flood, representing God’s promise to never flood the earth again. “I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.” Genesis 9:14 – 15

It’s said that the colors associated with the seven major Archangels are inspired by the colors of the rainbow. Blue for Archangel Michael, leader of all the holy angels. Yellow for Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beautiful thoughts. Pink for Chamuel, the angel of peaceful relationships. White for Gabriel, the angel of revelation. Green for Raphael, the angel of healing. Red for Uriel, the angel of wisdom. Purple for Zadkiel, the angel of mercy and freedom.

Several ancient communities, including the Vikings and the Japanese, believed the rainbow to be a bridge between heaven and earth that is traveled by the gods or by ancestral spirits.

For Buddhists, the rainbow is "the highest state achievable before attaining Nirvana, where individual desire and consciousness are extinguished.”

A generation of special children born in and around the year 2000 have been named Rainbow Children. Some think Rainbow Children are here to raise the vibration of the planet and aid in the evolution of humanity. They often have psychic abilities, immense creativity and boundless joy and positivity.

For otherworldly magic, wonder, hope, enhanced metaphysical gifts, and transcendence, welcome rainbows into your space.


Did any of these colors resonate with you? What color do you wear the most?

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