The Absolute Best Times to Manifest Money and Do Money Spells

Want to make money moves but you feel like “the energy ain’t right”? Here are some of the best times for performing spell work or law of attraction techniques that will expand your abundance, increase your income, and multiply your money.

  1. Best Moon Phases for Money Spells and Money Manifestation
  2. Best Days of the Week for Money Magick
  3. Best Planetary Hour for Money Workings

Best Moon Phases for Money Spells and Money Manifestation

New Moon

The New Moon is considered the first lunar phase. During the New Moon phase, the moon is not visible in the sky because none of the sides facing Earth are illuminated by the sun. The moon is shrouded in darkness. Like the womb or the cosmic void, the New Moon represents a time of gestation, development, and new potential.

This is a good time for setting new financial goals and focusing on your intentions for your financial future. Reset your subconscious mind with affirmations for prosperity and plant the seeds of new financial endeavors during the new moon.

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Waxing Moon

The moon is at last becoming visible during the Waxing Moon phase. A waxing moon occurs any time between the new moon and the full moon. You will see the moon appear to grow larger and larger each night.

The waxing moon corresponds to Spring, increase, creativity, abundance, and rebirth. This is a time for taking action in the areas of business, money or career. It is the time for becoming more knowledgeable about money matters, seeing your path to prosperity more clearly, and brightening the outcomes of your financial issues. The energy of the Waxing Moon will water the seeds of fortune you have planted.

Full Moon

The moment of the moon’s greatest light and intensity is The Full Moon. The Full Moon occurs about once each month when Earth is aligned directly between the Sun and the Moon. For this reason, the full moon represents a balancing of lunar and solar energy, or light and dark energy.

The Full Moon also represents completion, cleansing, clarity, expansion, empowerment and celebration. You can charge your crystals, ritual oils, water, and magical tools under the Full Moon to absorb this powerful spiritual energy.

The Full Moon is your time to see results and collect the fruits of your labor, receive spiritual guidance and intuitive breakthroughs that will illuminate your path to prosperity, and celebrate your past, present and future success.

Waning Moon 

After its full moon phase, the moon appears to darken and become smaller as it transitions back toward the New Moon phase. This is the Waning Moon phase. The Waning Moon is the best time to do spiritual work to release what does not serve you. Let go of bad spending habits and limiting beliefs around money. Banish your fears and insecurities about receiving money, keeping money or losing money. Cut those emotional cords to past financial traumas during a waning moon. 

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Best Days of the Week for Money Magick

The Babylonians named the days of the week according to the moon, sun, or planets that governed them. According to this ancient philosophy, it is best to perform certain activities on specific days to be in tune with the ruling planet, rather than working against the influence of the ruling planet.

Here are the most abundant days of the week, ruled by the planets with the strongest money-making energies.


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the planet that rules the rational mind and communication. Business networking, brainstorming about profitable ideas, marketing and advertising, and dialogue involving money are all best initiated on a Wednesday. Quick money spells also work well on Wednesdays, but for more sustained income, try Thursdays.


Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet that rules abundance, prosperity, health, luck, and expansion. When you have petitions of power, financial pursuits, and luck, Jupiter is the go-to planet, making Thursday the perfect day for placing your bets, securing long-term income, and protecting your wealth.


Best Planetary Hour for Money Manifestation

Not only do planets have rulership over days of the week, according to the ancient astrological system known as the Chaldean order, they also have influence over certain hours of the day and night.

By keeping these energetic timeframes in mind, you can take your money workings to another level by planning them around a precise auspicious moment.

The Planetary Hour of Jupiter

Money and prosperity are ruled by the planet Jupiter, making the hours ruled by Jupiter a powerful time for money spells and manifestation. To give your money spell an added boost, you can calculate the planetary hours for the upcoming Thursday (the day of the week that is ruled by Jupiter) and perform that money spell during the precise hours ruled by Jupiter.

Planetary hours differ depending on the date and your location in the world. Do a quick internet search for a planetary hour calculator to determine your correct planetary hours.

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