The Only Thing That Can Truly Free Black Women is Manifestation

I believe that the only way Black women will truly be free is through manifestation. 

What would it look like for black women to be free in this world?

I imagine it would look like black women being able to soften, let their guards down, and embrace their femininity because they are being protected and supported, rather than being applauded for their ability to be strong in the face of hate, violence, sexism and poverty.

It would look like black women glowing. Not just from the natural glow of our melanin, but a glow that comes from within. Glowing because they are healthy, rested, and unconditionally loved, with access to all the resources and care that their minds, hearts and bodies need.

It would look like all black women experiencing joy and abundance, without limitations and without obligations. Instead of settling for the lifestyle of struggle that society says we deserve, we would all create our own opportunities for abundance and give ourselves permission to have as much fun and luxury as we desire, guilt-free.

We can have all of these things and more using the power of manifestation. I define "manifestation" as the spiritual practice of intentionally working with the Law of Attraction to create the life that you want. The Law of Attraction is working all of the time, serving up experiences, a.k.a. manifestations, that match your thoughts and beliefs.

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Why do I think manifestation is the only way black women can emancipate ourselves from the struggles we've been dealing with for centuries?

Well, what other options do we have?

Society isn't going to free black women. America's white supremacy, patriarchy, and greed benefits from black women's labor, creativity, and vulnerability. Our government and corporations will jump on trending hashtags, virtue signal, and make grand gestures, but they will always stop short of giving us true freedom.

Black men in general aren't going to free black women. They are too busy trying to gain access to the money and the women that rich white men have access to, even if it means being owned rather than having ownership. And as we've learned from the popularity of Kevin Samuels, many black men are obsessed with humbling us. But how much more humble can black women be? We are already at the bottom in the areas of wealth and marriage compared to the women of other races, but still have the heart to march for the justice for black men. Unfortunately, instead of stepping up and being better men and offering us more, they are telling us to lower our standards and work even harder as the backbone for our families and our community.

The church won't free black women. Christianity, like any world religion, does teach many spiritual truths and has helped people in many ways, but there is no denying the racism, sexism, shaming, blaming, and subjugation black women have experienced within the Christian church. The reason most black Americans are Christian today is because our ancestors had their indigenous spiritual practices stripped away from them and were forced to take on the religious doctrines of their oppressors. To this day, Jesus, his disciples, the angels, and even God himself are depicted as Caucasian Europeans, with no regard for the damage that that lie is doing to the subconscious mind of people of color.

Our race is not fully respected in the Christian church, and neither is our divine feminine energy. The Bible portrays women as the original sinners, responsible for the fall of man. You are shamed so much more for your sexuality than men are. You are even blamed for men's lack of sexual self-control. The church is quicker to forgive a man than a woman for sexual "transgressions".

In the church, they say you have a heavenly Father, but no spiritual Mother. Divine feminine energy is such an important piece of who you are, but it is neglected and dishonored. The majority of a black church's congregation is black women. These Christian institutions benefit greatly from the pain and the desperation the keeps black women returning to the church, so freeing us will never be at the top of their agenda.

Did you know that there were certain enslaved African women who were muzzled so that they wouldn't be able to speak, because their enslavers knew that these women had mastered the supernatural power of the tongue. They could speak death and destruction into existence. And they could also speak life, speak healing, and speak abundance into existence. Every one has this power. That includes you. We can free ourselves through our words, our thoughts and our beliefs. Through manifestation. And I say this from experience.

Manifestation freed me. I went from feeling rejected by God, deeply unworthy of happiness, and a victim of my circumstances, to realizing that my life was a reflection of my focus, and that the Universe would work with me to attract and manifest every single thing on my wish list, and more, if I believed it could happen for me. The more I learned to accept myself and take responsibility for my life instead of blaming a higher power, the more spiritually supported I felt. So far I've experienced so much magic: happy coincidences, being in the right place at the right time, finding love, attracting money and opportunities... and I know this is only the beginning.

There are a lot of things that I don't understand about the spiritual world, and things I will never understand while I'm in this human form. That's why I consider myself an eternal student. I think our learning never ends, even on into the afterlife. So, my spirituality is an always evolving eclectic mix of knowledge and practices from many different faiths, but there is one spiritual truth that I hold onto. And that truth is Manifestation.

Manifestation will free us and give us the lives we deserve. That's why I am committed to sharing this knowledge with anyone who is open to it.

If you have great things that you want to manifest in your life and in the life of others, I invite you to check out the free resources listed below, and be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Remember, you have everything you need to succeed, within you.


Libra Lewin

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